Abstract and Paper Submission

Papers at ISER are submitted in 3 stages as follows:

1. Submission of Extended Abstracts (Deadline past)

Extended abstracts were due by May 20, 2010.

2. Submission of Final Conference Papers
(Deadline past)

The conference version of the paper was due as a pdf file (maximum 15 pages) by  November 1, 2010 (Note extended deadline). Please use the STAR format available at the Springer website

3. S
ubmission of Camera-ready Papers for the Springer STAR series book (Deadline January 31, 2011)

The proceedings of ISER have traditionally been published in a STAR (Springer Tracts for Advanced Robotics) book. The camera-ready version of the paper must be submitted as a pdf file (maximum 15 pages) by  January 31, 2011. Please use the STAR format available at the Springer website.

In order to upload your paper, point your browser (Netscape or IExplorer) to the following URL: ftp://username:password@ftp.springer.de/

You should have received username and password over email. If not, please contact one of the conference organizers.

Once you are logged in, please put your paper (a single zip file containing two documents - the PDF version and the source) in the ISER2010 folder. Your zip file should be named lastname-firstname.zip where lastname and firstname are the last and first names of the first author of your paper.